Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More Twitter

I was thinking more about how I could use Twitter in my own classroom as a part of a telecollaborative project. If I were to use Twitter in my classroom, I think I would have to do it with my students, being how young they are. However, I think some of the possible projects that I came up with could be some possible things that I could propose to the intermediate teachers at my school.

Twitter could be used in the classroom to:

1. Collect Data- a class twitter account could be created to collect scientific data or historical data. This data can be shared with other classrooms and other classrooms can add data. Examples include: tweeting about weather conditions or facts about a president or a historical event.

2.Conduct Polls- -Students can develop a poll using Twitter Poll and collect data from students in other classrooms locally and globablly. They can collect votes on controversial topics or simple topics about favorite tv show, foods, or vacation places. Students can then take the data to create graphs or tables.

3. Have Online Debates- Debates can be conducted using a class twitter network in real-time on current events in the world.

4. Create a Creative Story- Select the type of story. Create a story opener which is tweeted around the class network of participating schools for contribution to the story line. (This idea is just like the one I blogged about in my previous blog. George Mayo did one of these with his students.)

I opened up a Twitter account today and kind of played around with some of the features like writing a quick "tweet" or message and looking at some popular tweets posted by others around the world. Here is a link to my twitter page. However, you may need to have an account with Twitter. A screen shot of my Twitter page is below:

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  1. I was very glad to read your posts about Twitter. I really wasn't sure how Twitter would be applicable in the classroom. Your ideas are good, I especially like the online debate idea (this would work well with my 4th grade students). However, I do think that many of the "educational" aspects of Twitter could be done through a blog or social networking site like Ning. Thanks for the great ideas!