Thursday, July 8, 2010


I tried making my own diagram on the five senses. Below is a simple example of what I did.

It was easy to use this tool, however, there were a couple of instances that I grew frustrated with it. For one thing, you can't move around the bubbles. Secondly, I wanted to have 5 bubbles that were under the main bubble, however, that was difficult to do. I was only able to have a sub heading underneath or to the right of the main bubble, which was not helpful to me. Here is a link to the main page. This would be difficult to use with my first graders because of the navigational and technical skills required to use this tool. But, I could create one with the students. However, like I have mentioned before, this could be used by middle to high school students. You can hit Start Brainstorming to play around with the tools. I think middle and high school students can use this as a closing activity for a lesson or unit. For example, they could draw similarities between two books read in class. Two bubbles can be created by the teacher and the students would have to draw the similarities. They can collaborate while sitting at a computer in one room, or they could do it in front of their own computers at home and contribute their ideas.

If you have a blog that serves as a class website, you can post an interactive version of your example, by copying and pasting your html code, which is something teachers can do. Here is a short explanation of how to use for teachers.

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